Present Simple/ простое настоящее/.

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Present Simple/ простое настоящее/.

Поставьте вопросы к следующим предложениям (вопросительное слово дано в скобках ).

  • Sally feels tired / Why?/
  • They want to buy some presents for their friends /Where?/
  • My Daddy wants to catch the 6 o’clock train / Why?/
  • Edward prefers to have lunch in the canteen / Why?/
  • Every evening Peter walks his dog /Where?/
  • As a rule I get up early every morning / Why?/
  • Snow melts in spring /Why?/
  • We want to have a bite /Where?/
  • He studies English in London / Where?/
  • I hate loud and noisy music / Why?/
  • Usually Ann helps her little brother with mathematics / How?/
  • The Browns always go to the seaside in summer / Where?/
  • Tom wears his old slippers at home / Where?/
  • Sometimes I drink tea for breakfast /Why?/
  • Jane plays the piano every evening / When?/ 


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  1. Андрей /

    My Daddy want… – т.е. вот так? без “-s”?

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