Задание шестое. Немного сложнее, но Вы должны постараться

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Задание шестое. Немного сложнее, но Вы должны постараться

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple или Present Continuous.

 1.Tomorrow I (not to go) to school.

 2.Look! Kate (to help) her mother about the house.

 3.Where they (to spend) last month?

 4.You (to go) shopping every day? — No, I (to go) shopping three times a week.

 5.Who you (to be) at the cinema with tomorrow? — I (to be) there with my friend.

 6.Where we (to go) next week?

 7.He still (to wait) for you at home.

 8.What subjects we (to study) next year?

 9.My son (not to do) his lessons now, he (to watch) television.

10.You (to be) at home at eight o’clock tomorrow? — I (not to think) so.

11.They (to hope) to come here next year?

12.I (to see) a good film last Friday.

13.We always (to drink) a good coffee in this bar.

14.You (to be) busy now? – Yes, I (to be) very busy. I (to do) my lessons now.

15.They (to do) the washing-up now?

16.Peter (to listen) to the radio at the moment?

17.She (to send) a letter to her friend tomorrow?

18.I (to be) sure now that she (to agree) with our plan.

19.He (not to clean) his room yesterday. He (to be) tired.

20.At what time we (to have) dinner tomorrow?


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