Present Simple/ простое настоящее/.

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Present Simple/ простое настоящее/.

Поставьте вопросы к следующим предложениям (вопросительное слово дано в скобках ).

  • Sally feels tired / Why?/
  • They want to buy some presents for their friends /Where?/
  • My Daddy wants to catch the 6 o’clock train / Why?/
  • Edward prefers to have lunch in the canteen / Why?/
  • Every evening Peter walks his dog /Where?/
  • As a rule I get up early every morning / Why?/
  • Snow melts in spring /Why?/
  • We want to have a bite /Where?/
  • He studies English in London / Where?/
  • I hate loud and noisy music / Why?/
  • Usually Ann helps her little brother with mathematics / How?/
  • The Browns always go to the seaside in summer / Where?/
  • Tom wears his old slippers at home / Where?/
  • Sometimes I drink tea for breakfast /Why?/
  • Jane plays the piano every evening / When?/ 


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3 комментария

  1. Светлана /

    Why does Sally feel tired?
    Where do they want to buy some presents for their friends?
    Why does my Daddy want to catch the 6 o’clock train?
    Why does Edward prefer to have lunch in the canteen?
    Where does Peter walk his dog every evening?
    Why do you get up early every morning as a rule?
    Why does snow melt in spring?
    Where does he study English?
    Why do you hate loud and noisy music?
    How does Ann usually help her little brother with mathematics?
    Where do the Browns always go in summer?
    • Where does Tom wear his old slippers?
    • Why do you drink tea for breakfast sometimes?
    • When does Jane play the piano?

  2. Андрей /

    My Daddy want… – т.е. вот так? без “-s”?

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